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Engineers have figured out how to build a replacement bridge beside an existing one, and then take out the old bridge and put in the new one in a matter of hours. Read about it, and watch a time lapse video, at Wired.com. It’s called accelerated bridge construction, or ABC.

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Israeli brain scientists are working on turning sound into ‘sight,’ and other innovations that activate the visual cortex.

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An oldie but goodie: I, Pencil, by Leonard E. Read (1898-1983), originally published in the December 1958 issue of The Freeman.

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All right, class. What happens when a jet going 500 mph hits a wall built to absorb shocks? After you’ve made your educated or uneducated guess, watch this crash test.

How did your guess line up with the actual results?

(I was way, way off.)

hat tip: Dennis Prager (Twitter page)

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You can slice your way through…

hat tip: Kim Komando

Then there are rotary plows…

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… is gaining support, according to this article at The Scotsman, which reports “SCOTLAND will miss out on a global “nuclear renaissance” which will create tens of thousands of jobs worldwide, if the SNP government continues its anti-nuclear stance, French energy experts have warned…”

William Tucker prefers to call it Terrestial Energy, but he’s also an advocate.

Hmmmm. Is this a good excuse for linking to a 2004 article at Wired called Let A Thousand Reactors Bloom, which says nice things about my grandfather, Farrington Daniels, while explaining how reactors have been made safer? The article is largely about a nuclear reactor building spree in China.

To be clear, I don’t know enough about this sort of thing to be an advocate or opponent of nuclear power. For the most part, it’s way over my head. So I’m pretty much watching from the sidelines on this, at least for now. But, of course, if a safe and successful nuclear power industry gets built on a foundation laid in part by my beloved Grandpa, I am prepared to be proud…  And, OK, so maybe what he came up with was “a crude version of the later high-temperature gas-cooled reactor developed further at ORNL” [Oak Ridge National Laboratory]. You have to start somewhere on stuff like this.

For those of you thinking the name Farrington Daniels sounds familiar, but in a different context, Grandpa was best known for pioneering work in the use of solar energy. There is also an award named after him.  His son of the same name was a professor at Cornell.

(And, by the way, for those of you who love to split science and religion into warring camps, Grandpa was a professing Christian as well as a world class scientist.)

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