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While looking for information on Philip Doddridge, whose The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul is said to have helped William Wilberforce come to faith, I stumbled across the website Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings, which features sermons, poetry, a Puritan Quote of the Week, and more.

Having found out in recent years that a great deal of what I was taught about Puritans was revisionist (to put it mildly), I’m looking forward to reading what was written by actual Puritans.

Well, and by non-Puritans, too. I like this bit from the Poetry page, under the heading Non-Puritan Poems (and would like very much if those of you who know Latin would translate the Latin for me):

Here are some poems that I feel need to be included in Fire and Ice. Their inclusion should not be construed as any endorsement of any erroneous theological beliefs of their authors. That these poets expressed noble Christian sentiments with beauty and grace is sufficent reason for their works to be appreciated in their proper sphere. “Christianus sum; nihil christianii alienum me puto.”

Added: This 1993 Touchstone editorial includes the Latin phrase, and a translation. Correction: No it doesn’t. It features a variation, wherein “human” is substituted for “Christian” in the latter part of the quote. Not the same thing at all. My mistake. Sorry.

Added: This is better. It gives a history and applications of several variations of the Latin phrase.


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