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Anthony Esolen provides a useful history lesson.

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Anthony Esolen has a series of posts over at Front Porch Republic addressing Life Under Compulsion. I’ve only scanned a couple of them (the latest, and the first), but I suspect they’re all worth a read (his posts generally are good food for thought), and so…

Life Under Compulsion uses the life and observations of author Sigrid Undset as a starting point.

Life Under Compulsion: From Schoolhouse to School Bus

Life Under Compulsion: The Billows Teaching Machine

Life Under Compulsion: If Teachers Were Plumbers

Life Under Compulsion: Human-Scale Tools and the Slavish Education State

Life Under Compulsion: Curricular Mire

Life Under Compulsion: Bad University

Life Under Compulsion: The Dehumanities


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Healing lives, one person at a time.

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Back in 1949, C. S. Lewis wrote an essay on the humanitarian theory of justice, and how it leads to tyranny and the dehumanization of citizens, instead of justice. Looking at the verdict handed down for a mass murderer in Norway, John Piper revisits that essay in Life Is Cheap In Norway.

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This address by Hunter Baker is one of the best I’ve seen for explaining why the HHS mandate, and other recent policies put forth by the federal government in the United States, are rightly seen as an assault on freedom in general, and religious liberty in particular.

It also packs a surprising amount of historical information into a short space.

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If you think love grows best where there aren’t any difficulties, maybe you should read this.

Well, maybe you should read it anyway, because what passes for ‘love’ in this day and age, all too often isn’t love at all, but something far, far smaller and weaker. And that’s really too bad, all around.

hat tip: Creative Minority Report

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Eric Metaxas notes what is motivating some of the dissidents in China, including the most famous one at the moment.

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