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Eric Metaxas (like a lot of us) has noticed that ignorance about the Bible keeps showing up in places like the New York Times. He provides some almost-comical examples.

I’d probably laugh harder if I hadn’t been a Biblically illiterate newspaper reporter for about ten years – and the editor of the religion page for many of those years, to boot.

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Sherry over at Semicolon is doing a Hymn Project. She asked readers to submit their ten favorite hymns, ranked one to ten, from which she planned to compile the top hundred. She had a tie for 99-101, so she’ll be sharing 101 hymns. She also has links to online hymn resources.

I didn’t submit my ten favorite hymns, because I’m not that well versed yet. Somehow submitting ‘ten hymns with which I’m more or less familiar’ didn’t seem quite in the spirit of the project…

We recently joined a church that uses a service book with hymns from throughout the ages, so I am catching up. But for now, I’m expecting most of the hymns in Sherry’s round-up will be new to me. I’m looking forward to it.

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I agree with this:

…I think that to be ignorant or indifferent to history isn’t just to be uneducated or stupid. It’s to be rude, ungrateful. And ingratitude is an ugly failing in human beings.

Find out who said it, and read the rest of the quote, here.

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