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How about some good news? How about a little boy who survived after about 25 minutes under water? More than survived, actually. He’s back to keeping his family hopping. (He’s two. He hasn’t learned the fear thing yet.)

For two days, he didn’t show brain activity, but doctors didn’t give up. They used an experimental hypothermia treatment (lowering his body temp), and that likely helped get him through the early phases. But pretty much everyone agrees that it’s miraculous the boy recovered.

hat tip: Thomas Peters

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I still haven’t figured out who our benefactor is who scrapes the snow from our sidewalk, but this morning, after I swept off the back deck and the van and was feeling the cold start to enter my bones, I headed to the front and found he or she had spared me the chilly bother of cleaning off the sidewalk that runs in front of our house. My thanks again, whoever you are.

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