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Engineers have figured out how to build a replacement bridge beside an existing one, and then take out the old bridge and put in the new one in a matter of hours. Read about it, and watch a time lapse video, at Wired.com. It’s called accelerated bridge construction, or ABC.

hat tip: Scott Ott on Facebook.

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All right, class. What happens when a jet going 500 mph hits a wall built to absorb shocks? After you’ve made your educated or uneducated guess, watch this crash test.

How did your guess line up with the actual results?

(I was way, way off.)

hat tip: Dennis Prager (Twitter page)

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Sigh. They couldn’t resist injecting global warming alarmism into the write-up of the very first airport featured. Ignore that. If ocean levels rise appreciably (iffy, that), I have no doubt that engineers can simply add elevation. Earlier engineers already did something more difficult than that, right? (Do people with climate phobias pretty much all assume that future people will be incurably hapless creatures, considerably inferior to our already sorry selves? Sometimes I wonder.)

Anyway, just for fun, a slideshow of 18 unusual airports, including one with a runway that serves as a main road for cars, too.

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You can slice your way through…

hat tip: Kim Komando

Then there are rotary plows…

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