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A biographer of our 30th President gives us a glimpse of Christmas at the Coolidges.


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Videos of ten favorite sacred Christmas songs, courtesy of First Things.

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hat tip: The Anchoress

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It seems there was a fight this year to include Christmas themed ornaments on this year’s National Christmas Tree. No, really. Children in Arizona were told they could not use religious themes on their ornaments for the tree in Washington D.C. – but one mother didn’t settle for that and got legal help so her child could make Christmas themed ornaments. (Hooray for her!)  Marcia Segelstein, blogging at Worldmag.com on Oct. 2, has the story. (via “related news” sidebar at ADFMedia.org, which has a number of other links.)

Whether the ornaments in question wind up on the tree, I guess we’ll see.

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Some people are insane about getting stuff for Christmas.

And others focus on Christmas presence.

And some of us are in between, of course.

Update: Giacomo has more on the incident that killed the store employee (referenced in the first link), plus some commentary.

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