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Why We Raise Belgian Horses is available as a Kindle Countdown deal for the next few days. That means that it has started at 99 cents this morning, and will work its way up step by step until it is regular price again. As of post time, if you want to catch it at 99 cents, you have 1 day, 11 hours, 35 minutes, 23 seconds left. After that it goes to $1.99, and on up from there.

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Here’s a link to a video of a Socrates in the City address by Os Guinness on the difficulties of sustaining freedom. (I can’t seem to get it to embed here. Sorry.)

hat tip: Eric Metaxas, via Twitter and Facebook. On his website he also links to the video, but there he mentions in passing that it is available free to the public for a limited time. I hadn’t seen that little qualification anywhere else. But if the video goes away, or becomes a pay-for-view, or goes behind a members-only wall, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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to ebooks in a big way.


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Shameless self-promotion

Not Exactly Allies is free for Kindle today and tomorrow. The other books in the series are 99 cents through the weekend.

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Free, Thursday only

Not Exactly Dead (MI5 1/2, Book One) will be free for Kindle download this Thursday, one day only.

Amazon Prime members may borrow the book for free, with no due date, any time from now until early next year. But Thursday, anyone who reads via Kindle can download a copy to keep.

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My thanks to those of you who participated in yesterday’s Kindle ebook giveaway of Why We Raise Belgian Horses. Freebies don’t count in the sales rankings of paid books, so the book is back down in the lower midlists after a fun flight amongst the bestsellers – but now it’s in a better position to generate ‘likes’ at Amazon, and reviews, and recommendations, and thus generate sales that will show up (and that put money in my pocket). That’s all I can hope for, from a giveaway.

Well, that, and hope that people who like this one might buy another one of my books, or give this one as a gift, in ebook, trade paperback, or large print.

Or that they’ll link to the book from their website or at Twitter or Facebook, or feature it in their affiliate links, all of which (as I understand it) combine with sales data to drive up the “Relevance” ranking at Amazon.

Welcome to the wacky world of publishing, where everything is a calculated risk, at best.

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As of 6:11 p.m. Mountain, the Amazon rankings for Why We Raise Belgian Horses:

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