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G.K. Chesterton made a good point about tyranny, and timing.

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I know there are reasons for discouragement these days, but there are pockets of brightness.

For instance, last weekend I attended a bluegrass concert sponsored by a Family-Integrated Church. The event was held outdoors in a park. The audience sat on grassy slopes that wrapped around the stage. There were wholesome looking people as far as the eye could see. Kids danced and rolled down the slope, with an innocence and joy that spoke well of their upbringing. I didn’t see one little kid try to be sexy or crude, like so many kids do these days, in imitation of the pop culture. The church members were friendly to all comers. Even some teens who looked like they belonged to a gang came and hung around for a while, taking all this in. The band leader stopped at one point to encourage the men in the audience to be men of honor, of integrity, and courage. He said he had taught his sons to be men; that any one who was crazy enough to invade their home would have to go through three men to get to the girls. I think he was talking mostly to families that are arranged the same way. I’d bet most of them have seen the movie Courageous, and were inspired by it. The band also promoted adoption of orphans, and care of widows. It came out that some of the people in the audience had made independent films that had made it to semi-finals in a film festival, and you can bet these were films that built people up, or spurred them to help their neighbors, and not films that poisoned their viewers.

Not far away, a different group was having a party, complete with children swinging sticks at huge pinatas. Laughter filled the air. The kids were having a great time, but were also behaving well.

This week, I volunteered as a teacher’s aide at a rural charter school, for a release time Bible study class. The kids were cheerful, eager, bright, full of imagination, polite, and respectful. They are also better versed in the Bible than many adults I know. These were kids in kindergarten through second grade. The school has kids from K-8. Walking through the halls, I drank in the atmosphere of the place, the energy and poise and discipline of the kids. I left feeling better than when I got there.

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