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Mona Charon takes a look at her son’s history textbook, and finds a few problems.


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when he’s away. This was written by a mom whose husband was deployed overseas in the military, but it’s not just for military wives.

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… are doing so purposefully. Like this wife and mother.

I’ve done both the career and the housewife thing. There are pros and cons to both, but on the whole, I’d like nothing better than to be a housewife all the rest of my days. Not to stagnate – but to keep from stagnating, to have more time to write books, and to get rid of obstacles to ‘being there’ when neighbors need an extra hand. I think the world would be better if we had more ladies busily ‘staying home.’ (We will all now cover our ears, to prevent permanent hearing damage from howling feminists, who do not know what they’re missing, or are jealous of homemakers, or something, and are prone to losing their tempers, loudly, when confronted with ladies who don’t agree with them.)

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The pre-release buzz for this indie film has brought to my attention a war that I don’t remember hearing about before – and it happened only 90 years ago, in a neighboring country, with staggering loss of life. I’m a bit embarrassed that it took a movie to put the Cristeros on my radar screen, but I guess I’m not surprised, given the approach to ‘history’ that reigned in the public schools and college that I attended, which simultaneously disdained religious belief, while polishing the brass for bloody communist and socialist experiments.

I’d like to know more. I’d also like to see some oral history projects launched in the United States, while people who are only one generation removed from the conflict are still alive to tell the stories their parents and grandparents told them. We have lots of immigrants from Mexico. Surely many of them have family stories to share.

As for the movie, here’s a bit of commentary from people who saw early cuts. And here’s the official website. The film opens in theaters June 1.

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… what features would you want built into it? The mother of a large family has a few ideas here – some of which I wouldn’t have thought of, but which make sense.

For me, I’m not sure I’d put in ceiling light fixtures. I’m used to living with somewhat disabled people, and sometimes I’ve been in that category myself. Going way up a ladder and working above your head while on the ladder has been a problem, to be avoided if possible.

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If you think love grows best where there aren’t any difficulties, maybe you should read this.

Well, maybe you should read it anyway, because what passes for ‘love’ in this day and age, all too often isn’t love at all, but something far, far smaller and weaker. And that’s really too bad, all around.

hat tip: Creative Minority Report

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… is not preaching the Gospel, as Eric Metaxas illustrates in What Would Bonhoeffer Do?

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