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Robert Morrison shares memories of his daughter’s wedding. My thanks to the Washington Post for running this.

hat tip: a Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation Facebook post.

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Via Lutherans for Life, I’ve just heard about new ways you might help older adoptable Russian children. Camp Hope is based in Iowa, and arranges one-week summer visits with host families, as well as attempting to find forever families for older kids. They have a matching fund drive going on through May 30.

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“…I never imagined that my skills as a lawyer would be used to defend Christians for following their faith in 21st Century Britain…”- Andrea Minichiello Williams. Full article here. (The article also “appeared in the Mail on Sunday on 24th April, 2011.”)

hat tip: Alliance Alert

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Jennifer Fulwiler notes some characteristics that people who trust in God tend to have in common. She draws on several biographies and memoirs in this post at Conversion Diary.

hat tip: Sherry Early (Twitter)

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From Happy Catholic: Easter Monday: Living Under Enemy Occupation in the Light of Victory. (Encore post: originally published 2007.)

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Eric Metaxas notes that Wednesday was Adolf Hitler’s birthday. He looks back on Hitler’s last birthday, and his bleak end, compared with the life and death of a man he tried to destroy, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. An excerpt:

How is it that one man slunk to his death defeated and is today despised by the whole world, while another man went to his death with God’s peace, and is today everywhere hailed as a hero, as one of the few Germans with the courage to see what was happening and to speak against it and act against it, even at the cost of his own life?

There’s much to say by way of an answer, but since the Easter season is upon us, let’s start there.

Bonhoeffer believed the Easter story. He actually believed the extraordinary story of God’s coming to Earth and dying and then rising from the dead to defeat death forever. He believed that because this was true, he need never fear death. All he needed to worry about was doing the right thing and trusting God with the results. And that he did.

Because Bonhoeffer believed these things he had the courage to do what almost no one else around him could do. He stood up for the Jews of Europe and today he is celebrated and cherished, while Hitler, who condemned him to death and who only believed in himself, is reviled as a monster.

That day in the bunker 66 years ago today, as the drugged-up Fuehrer celebrated his last birthday, he was alive and Bonhoeffer had been dead for eleven days.

But on that day — April 20, 1945 — who was happy and who was at peace, Hitler or Bonhoeffer? For that matter, which of them is happy and at peace today? It’s something chilling to think about, the contrast between these two Germans, between these two lives and these two deaths. But at this time of year especially, it’s appropriate that perhaps we do think about it.

Read the whole article.

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are also the safest for mothers.

Hats off to Chile, Poland, and Ireland. Well done.

(If you haven’t watched the video embedded in the above-linked Thomas Peters’ post, I suggest you take a couple of minutes and watch. Delightful ads.)

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An EWTN video of the Walk for Life West Coast.

Cross-posted at Ladies for Life.

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If you should happen to watch “Jesus Christ, Superstar,” you should know that, in real life, “That’s NOT HOW IT ENDS!”

Actually, as Faith Filled Mom notes in the linked post, it never ends. If you don’t understand that, please go to the link, and let her explain.

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