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In a post titled Nicholas Sparks: The Safe Haven of Commitment, Tony Rossi writes:

“Love doesn’t mean anything if you’re not willing to make a commitment.”

Though that line is spoken by one of the characters in Nicholas Sparks’ new novel Safe Haven, it’s a viewpoint the best-selling author shares.

With the success of books and movies like The Notebook and Dear John, Sparks has a well-founded reputation for being able to craft romantic stories that touch people’s hearts. But romance alone isn’t enough to create a meaningful, lasting relationship like he’s had with his wife Cathy for over twenty years.

In a recent interview with Christopher Closeup, Sparks explained that he once had a debate with his brother Micah about this very topic. Micah suggested that communication is most important in a relationship. That led Nicholas to ask, “What does communication matter if you’re not committed to each other? People who’ve been married a long time or been in any relationship — whether it’s with your parents or with your children — you know that emotionally, it’s going to go up and down. Love is not a straight line. If you’re committed, you know you’ll work through whatever’s keeping you down, that you’ll come out on the other side, and it will get better again.”

Amen to that. Read the whole piece. It’s got more good observations, and food for thought.

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Voters in Rhode Island are being asked to shorten the official name of the state from its current official “The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” to simply “Rhode Island.” Sadly (or do I mean outrageously?), the reason given by supporters of the proposal is that “plantations” supposedly conjures up images of slavery. That’s too bad. As it happens, to link Providence Plantations with slavery is not only to ignore history, it’s pretty much to turn local history on its head, according to Brian Stinson, writing at Newport Now.

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Sometimes an atheist will find a beacon in the darkness (whether the beacon knows it or not).

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Jennifer Fulwiler has six reasons why “Do you want more children?” isn’t the right question to ask.

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Anthony Esolen, in writing about the current Separation of Reason and State, provides some background for understanding America’s founding.

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Then there’s Amazing Grace, same lead singer.

Her ministry’s website is here. God has given her great talent. May He continue to help her navigate the sometimes hazardous shoals of fame.

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Via The Anchoress – a contagious case of joy. (Just try not to catch the joy. Especially right at the end. I dare you. )

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