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This is nice. (hat tip: The Anchoress)

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From the book Disorientation: How to Go to College Without Losing Your Mind, Peter Kreeft thoughtfully takes on Progressivism. There’s also a website for the book.

The marketing is to Catholic teens headed off to college, and their parents, but if Kreeft’s entry is any indication, it could be valuable reading for teens and adults of all faiths.

hat tip: The Anchoress

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Yet another of the growing number of petitions clamoring for a return to the American form of government.

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looks very interesting.

(I haven’t had a chance to read any of it yet, but past issues have been very informative and thought-provoking, and I wanted to make a link for me as well as for you, so I don’t forget to go back to it.)

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What happens when a decidedly non-Christian movie portrays what the Christian Scriptures insist is true? Well, it can prompt a thoughtful review cum essay like this post by Russell D. Moore, writing at Mere Comments.

Added: Kathryn Jean Lopez recommends the same movie, in a column at Headline Bistro.

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This petition is letting young people from around the world stand up for human dignity and human rights.

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Melissa Ohden‘s mother went in for a saline abortion. When the baby was delivered, she was set aside to die. But the baby didn’t die. She is now a grown woman, with a child of her own, and is a winsome pro-life advocate, if these two episodes of Facing Life Head-on are any indication (you can watch the episodes in their entirety online):

Marked for Death, Part 1.

Marked for Death, Part 2.

hat tip: the NRB television network, where I caught the tail end of part one by chance.

(Cross-posted at Ladies for Life.)

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