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Christians from across doctrinal divides are joining to speak in one voice for the sanctity of life, amongst other things, by signing and promoting The Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience.

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One of the most requested devotionals in our bookstore since the get-go has been Streams in the Desert, by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman, which has been in print since 1924. A while back, I snagged a 1965 print run copy for myself. By then, there were already more than two million copies in print. I can see why. It’s a gem.

It’s a compilation of thoughts and quotes, in the form of a daily devotional. I think part of its staying power is that it focuses on faith that grows in times of trial, something all too many Christian books either gloss over or avoid, or simply don’t understand. Mrs. Cowman served as a missionary in China and Japan, and spent six years nursing a dying husband. The back cover copy on my book reads:

“We thank Thee Lord, for weary days

When desert streams were dry,

And first we knew what depths of need

Thy Love could satisfy.

We thank Thee for the rest in Him

The weary only know-

The perfect, wondrous sympathy

We needs must learn below.

The touch that heals the broken heart

is never felt above;

The angels know His blessedness,

His way-worn saints, His love.”

There are several versions still in print, including ‘updated’ editions, put into more modern English, so I’m linking here to the author’s page at Zondervan, so you can browse the offerings.

There are other books out there with the same title, by the way, so if you are ordering elsewhere, make sure you have the book by Mrs. Cowman.

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