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Celebrate Our Freedom -The Declaration of Independence.

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Liberal historians apparently tend to hate President Coolidge, and have been known to spin him out of recognition. There’s no reason we need to let them get away with it, though, is there?

For instance, “the business of America is business” isn’t fair, or accurate. Steven Hayward has the real quote, in context, as well as some great stuff on ‘progressives’ who can only go backwards from the Declaration of Independence.

hat tip: Peter W. Schramm’s Coolidge and the 4th of July post.

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I caught today’s Focus on the Family broadcast – which turned out to be Part 2 (of 2) of “The Founding of America,” with David Barton. I’m looking forward to listening to Part One when I can carve out some time later, and to listening to Part Two again. There are suggested resources at the link, including DVDs for teaching history to kids.

So, for me as well as you: Part One. And, Part Two.

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Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner¬† were on this morning’s Focus on the Family broadcast discussing how Christians can and should engage today’s culture.¬† Much of the discussion was tied to material covered in their book: City of Man: Religion and Politics in the New Era.

The discussion was worthwhile, and the book sounds like it might be a good one to read.

If nothing else, listen to this 10:16 bonus audio on Early Christian Response to Government. There is much we can learn from people who offered hope during times of severe persecution.

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An EWTN video of the Walk for Life West Coast.

Cross-posted at Ladies for Life.

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I hadn’t heard about the film Agenda: Grinding America Down, until today. My internet connection is bad today, so I could only make it through part of the trailer, but what I saw looked promising. Here is the recommended reading list to go along with the documentary.

Agenda won the Best of Festival Jubilee award in 2010 from the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Press release here. Hmmm. “The 92-minute film was produced and directed by former Idaho legislator Curtis Bowers.” Somebody from my part of the world… And somebody who has seen government from the inside… Interesting.

hat tip: Franklin Springs blog

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Ronald W. Kirk looks at what education used to be like, how it has degenerated, and why it must improve. He especially addresses Christians who have been settling for too little, both in their children’s education, and in their own lives. See: Publisher’s Corner: What Education Ought to Be.

hat tip: Phil

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… rise to the occasion.

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… David Bentley Hart makes A Modest Proposal for restoring sanity to our land. You must promise me that you will read all of it if you read any of it.

His colleague at First Things, Hadley Arkes, traces how we got to the present state of insanity, where thugs are protected and decent people are expected to take their blows quietly.

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The Letters from an Ohio Farmer so far:

A Constitutional Conversation (February 10, 2011)

An Experiment in Self-Government (February 17, 2011)

Civility and Powers (March 8, 2011)



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